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Conference de David Rosenbaum

Orateur: David A. Rosenbaum
 Date: mardi 26 juin a 14h30
 Lieu: salle B603, Telecom-Paristech, site  Barrault
 46 rue Barrault, 75013 Paris
 Titre: Cognition and Action
 Pr. David A. Rosenbaum
 Distinguished professor of psychology
 Department of Psychology
 Pennsylvania State University
 University Park, PA 16802
 For your thoughts to be useful, they must be enacted. This is true even for mundane thoughts like those for getting up out of your chair, leaving your home or office, coming to the room where this talk will be held, making your way to your seat, and settling in to hear about research on the planning and control of everyday actions. The research to be described will draw on evidence from neurophysiology, behavioral science, and computational modeling. A view that all these lines of evidence support is that goal postures are specified before movements are planned and performed. Motor control, you will hear, is more cognitively rich than some have realized.
 Research Interests
 David Rosenbaum is interested in the cognitive substrates of skilled performance, especially those underlying human motor control and perceptual-motor integration. He focuses on the planning and control of manual performance (mainly reaching and grasping objects), using computer modeling and recording of behavior. He also works on rhythm and timing, temporal coordination of cognitive and perceptual-motor activities, and how people organize their external environments.